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About Me

Hi! Hola! Ciao! Ola! 

I am Dr. Alexandra Valdés and currently the science and math instructional coach at LEAD Southeast Middle School. I have been teaching science for more than ten years at both, the middle school and college level. I made this webpage to support my students while teaching science sixth grade. Overall, I like teaching interdisciplinary sciences and hands-on laboratory classes, but what I like the most is to do experiments with others!

A little bit more about me...

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico but lived in New York for almost ten years before moving to Nashville, TN. I earned a Ph.D. in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences from Stony Brook University and a B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. I love to travel and learn about different cultures. I have been lucky enough to have visited many countries around the world while being a college student; I have visited the Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Canada*, England*, Scotland*, Spain, Italy*, Germany, Austria, and Denmark*, among others. I speak fluently two languages: English-Advanced and Spanish-Advanced, and want to keep learning Italian-Beginner and Portuguese-Beginner. They say the more languages you know the smarter you are (math is a language by the way) ;-)

In 2012, I moved to Music City with my husband. He is a Math Professor at Vanderbilt University and we have two super sweet pets, a cat named Kaya and a goldendoodle named Mileva. Both are named after famous female mathematicians.

I enjoy very much being surrounded by nature and friendly people like Nashvillians. I am very proud to be part of such a diverse and vibrant community here in Nashville. I strongly believe in giving back, thus, now it is my time to serve others as a scientist and educator. It is also very important for me to invest in a better future (kids' education), thus, I can't wait to learn more with you and I hope you find this page helpful.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Phone: (615) 727-4083 
Address: 531 Metroplex Dr., Nashville, TN, 37211

* Most of my visits to these countries were related to scientific research as a graduate student and sponsored by college scholarships. DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND GO TO COLLEGE!

Sixth Grade Science

Unit 1: Scientific Method (Scientific Inquiry)

Hi! Here you can find more information about how scientist do their work: the scientifc method!

BrainPOP Scientific Inquiry

BrainPOP Science Project!

Data Science -THE FUTURE!

Unit 2: Ecology (Life Sciences)

Discover the fascinating world of ecology by exploring the websites below: 

Where wolves roam

Wolves change rivers video

Food Chain Virtual Lab

Abiotic Factors Virtual Lab

World Biomes

Earth Biomes

Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

Food Chain Game

Energy Pyramid

BrainPOP Food chains

BrainPOP Land Biomes

Review Jeopardy!

Unit 4: The Sun- Earth-Moon System (SEMS)

Here you can find wepages related to The Universe to help you study!

Earth-Moon-Sun Movements

Moon Phases



Eclipses Crash Course Video

Currents NOAA

Surface Ocean Currents RSMAS

Deep Ocean Circulation WHOI

How global warming affects ocean circulation?

BrainPOP Ocean Currents

BrainPOP Tides

Ocean Tides

Ocean Tides Virtual Lab

Unit 5: Weather & Climate (Atmospheric Sciences)

Here you can find websites related to the Atmosphere to help you review material discussed in class!

Weather & Climate Guide (Thank you Elliot!)

Make a Hurricane!

Global Climate Change Expedition

NOAA Schools for Weaher

Layers of the Atmosphere

Heat convection


Weather Data


Tracking Hurricanes

Weather Games

Unit 8: Energy (Physical Sciences)

Use the following websites to learn more about Energy!

Kinetic and Potential Energy Simulation Lab

BrainPOP Energy

Heat Energy Matching

Heat Energy Cardflip

BrainPOP Electric Circuits

BrainPOP Conductors of Electricity

Energy Conversions

Kinetic Energy

Potential Energy

Forms of Energy

Embedded Unit: Engineering Design & Technology (Engineering)

Want to learn more about Engineering & Tech? Investgate the following links!

BrainPOP Tehcnology and Engineering

How to contruct a BAROMETER

What is Engineeing?

The Scientific Method vs. the Engineering Design Process

Engineers Disciplines Flashcards


Prosthetic Arm


Here you can find websites that can help you during the Science Fair Project: 

GOOGLE LOGIN:; psswd: science6lpse18

Various examples of Science Fair Projects at Beginners, Medium, and Advanced Levels!

More Science Experiments Ideas!

Feeling lost on your science fair project? Take a survey!

BrainPOP Scientific Method

Ask a Scientist!


Fifth Grade Curriculum

Also, here you can find access to Mrs. Waters' webpage with TONS of information about 5th Grade Science!